About us

In Latin Proverto means ‘going forward’ or ‘progress’.

Since 1992, Proverto Educational Publishers (BEE compliant) has played a significant and leading role in supplying learners in South African high schools with a unique brand of educational study guides free of charge.

Made possible by its advertisers and sponsors, Proverto has perfected its niche in the printed media by combining advertising and subject information in school study guides to create increased awareness of further study opportunities and career guidance for the learner or school leaver. We always strive to keep abreast with new ideas and innovative new products, keeping the changing landscape of our educational system and youth trends in mind. These colourful, user-friendly and information-packed study guides create the perfect stage for the advertiser to brand his company and to reach the youth market on a daily basis through education. These study guides have proved to be a successful advertising vehicle.

Proverto is acutely aware of the business objectives of the private sector. The high school learner as well as teacher market segment is an especially lucrative market consisting of teachers with stable income on the one hand and the attractive school leavers market on the other hand.

This is indeed a win-win situation for both advertiser and school leaver/learner.

What we do

Proverto, in collaboration with tertiary and corporate institutions, Seta's and Government, develops and distributes free study and career guides to schools nationally. Distribution mechanisms for study guides include physical delivery at schools, postal delivery, career shows, open days and are also conveniently available online via the Department of Education’s website.

Proverto sources the learning content for study guides in close consultation with the National and Provincial Departments of Education, from carefully selected experts and subject specialists. These study guides range from Grade 9 to 12 and cover crucial subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Life Sciences, Accountancy, Tourism & Languages. Proverto is committed to, at all times, maintain the highest possible academic standards.

New exciting future plans at Proverto are to launch free workbooks for primary schools. Proverto has successfully produced new printed career guides which include guides for Veterinary Science, Health Sciences and careers in Agriculture and will soon feature over 600 careers online to choose from.

Our vision and mission


Building a free resource for educators and learners. We envisage a youth capable and knowledgeable to develop their full potential and contribute to the successful development of South Africa.


We are committed to touch the hearts and minds of all young people through unique learning opportunities, powerful career guidance and experiences empowering them to create for themselves the life they desire and to confidently face the leadership challenges of tomorrow

Our values

• Treating all and everyone with integrity
• Honesty at all times
• Long-term relationships that add value
• Respect for human rights and the rule of law
• Excellence and distinction

Our objectives

• To reduce the skills gap as a matter of urgency
• To show learners how to become part of the exciting world of a working environment
• To strengthen the resolve of learners to make a difference for the better of the world we live in
• To make the youth worthy custodians of the values of the Constitution of South Africa

Our philosophy

• Education is the single most important driving force towards success and excellence
• Free access to learning opportunities allow the young and the not so young the chance to achieve what they otherwise would not have been able to achieve
• Learning is true development as it unlocks the full potential of a person. It allows everyone to make full use of their talents and apply gifts that make them unique.
• Meaningful communication creates an awareness of different needs, challenges and new opportunities in the worlds of corporate entities, education providers, the learners and workers in South Africa.
• Communicating about education builds new bridges between parents, students, schools and the community.

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